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Why don't you answer asks anymore?


"you are hiv aladeen" "a fat man, rubbing his stomach and groaning" "your future, hobo robber"

And then there’s a bunch of senpai ones which

I don’t


A little side graphic from a work in progress animation. (Flash, no sound)

top five pony blogs and why


5. askdiscordwhooves - The first tumblrpon blog that truly grabbed my attention. I ended up doing an archive binge and got completely hooked. If it wasn’t for jitterbugjive's excellent project there would be no ask-prof-smirk, as it’s his work that first showed me the potential of an ask blog for telling a serious story, and my first attempts at deviating from show style ponies were an emulation of his style (you can probably still see his influence in my stuff). I’m not nearly as obsessed with it as I once was, but it still holds a special place in my heart.

4. askfirestarterspitfire - That storyline. Damn, talk about an emotional rollercoaster. The minimalist aesthetic is also really engaging, and captainhoers is a fun guy to chat to, when I get the chance, and does a lot of good for the community as a whole.

3. askmerriweather - This has to be the most canon-compatible blog out there, and that is the result of a great deal of care taken by the author. The feel is exactly what I’d expect from if the team behind FiM were targeting an older demographic. I keep meaning to try and strike up a conversation with askmerriauthor, but never quite get round to it…

2. ask-cyberpunkspitfire - While the story is solid, what pushes this into the top 5 is the artwork. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but my opinion hasn’t changed; it’s stunningly gorgeous and my favourite art in all of tumblrpon.

1. ask-king-sombra - A truly stunning combination of great storytelling, fun jokes, entertaining & intriguing characters and damn fine art. ask-wiggles should be damn proud, especially since it never lets up. Three updates a week. Constantly. WHILE DOING AN ABSURD NUMBER OF OTHER THINGS! HOW?!?

This also reminds me that I need to check Merri out at some point.

I think I’m just going to take the European Spreadshirt link off my page, because on top of having a vastly reduced range (all my shirts with a pone on them got taken down), and giving me less and costing the customer more (even with shipping to another continent), I now can’t make new products on it, even though it works on the American one.

So, will the E.U.P. or any of those historic Wonderbolt figures from that season 4 episode ever be mentioned in Firestarter Spitfire, or is that some of the show canon you're going to ignore instead of cherry-pick?

I already have my own lore for the Wonderbolts that’s actually rather similar (Celestia-loyal paramilitaries dating back approximately 1,000 years adapted to a peacetime use, named founder with a fire theme, leader figures in recent history visually themed on fashions of the time, seven core members, reserve squad). The main difference is that the show Wonderbolts kept a lot more of the military trappings, which I don’t like or want to bother with (spot the European).

Because of all these the-same-but-different parallels, I’m content to just ignore them, and continue treating my universe as a full AU.

Re: today’s episode.

Re: today’s episode.

Pony Hawk was sent from hell.

a friend bought me goat simulator. i have yet to crack it open but when i do i intend to stream it

a friend bought me goat simulator. i have yet to crack it open but when i do i intend to stream it

the hard part of updating is trying not to trawl through the backlog of my modblog long enough to do it

and like, not post to my modblog about it